Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scouts talk to Santa on Scouting Radio

Scouts from all over the world called into Scout Radio, sent text messages and emails to Santa Claus who sent 40 minutes with Justin Dawson, station manager of Scouting Radio and yours truly.
Scouts were at the ready to find out the answers to age old questions ranging from:
"How old are you?" to "Last year I had asked for a pony and didn't get it, why not?"
 During that show, Scouts and I learned a great deal about the little known facts about Santa and we had discovered that Santa really likes chocolate chip cookies the best but will appreciate any good cookie that is left for him on Christmas eve.
Several Scout had asked Santa for materialistic things like toys but a few unique requests were:
Amber wants beef stew, Samantha and Tabitha want to spend time with their families as would Girl Scout leader Jessica Goulet.
Justin Dawson asked Santa what he'd give to Mrs. Claus and he commented that "its a secret." but he did divulge that there is a lap top computer that he is breaking in (hint, hint).
Santa also told the listeners that although he was never a Scout, he did appreciate the things that Scouts do in their daily lives.
Santa also gave a way a security secret regarding, "why we cannot see Santa flying in his sleigh at night?"
"We have a highly sophisticated cloaking device, called, CLAUS (CAN'T LOOK AT U, SANTA) which is similar to the cloaking device the Romulans used in Star Trek." said Santa.
 Scouts were so responsive to Santa that one Scout from the Australia's Gold Coast invited Santa to come to their beach BBQ on Christmas and enjoy food and the surf board Santa would be bringing to that Scout.
- an ingenious ploy to secure a gift that Scout really was hoping to get.
Scouting Radio will rebroadcast yesterday' s show should you like to tune in.

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