Saturday, December 11, 2010

Voyageur District shows marked improvements in adult leadership training

Bay-Lakes Council, Voyageur District is currently undergoing a pilot program to ensure that Cub masters are all 100% trained by December 31, 2010.
A major challenge by any standard and something that is not easily accomplished when the starting figures of trained cub leaders hovered at 18% trained earlier this year.
As of today, those leaders that are trained in the Cub master's role is now well above 85% trained.
This is attributed to better record keeping and a renewed energy in the training program lead by Jay VanZeeland.
Jay's analogy for the training is like "the snake that has eaten the guinea pig and next year it will be the the whole pig."'
- an image that fits as anyone can clearly see the vast bulge in those that are rapidly becoming certified in the leadership roles they hold in the Cub Scout Program.
On the Boy Scout side of training, Tim Van Boxtel, has reported a bulge in his numbers on leaders being Scoutmaster trained and those figures are supported by Commissioner Bob Maki.
Next year's goal is to have all leaders, not just the Cub masters, on the Cub Scout level as well as those leaders in the Boy Scout program to be 100% trained in all aspects of the scouting program.
The idea of "selling the sizzle," within the program has now been refined to "selling the quality of the sizzle."
This new energy is infectious as leaders are now rededicating themselves to a more refined quality of programing for their scouts which in turn will lead to better unit retention and more scouts obtaining more benefits from the scouting program.

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