Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking back at 2010-the Scouting Centennial

Time flies when you are having fun and I cannot believe that the centennial year is just about to end in in less than 2 months time.
This past year was an interesting year for me, actually beginning in September 2009, with the Great Lakes Jamboree at the EAA grounds in Oshkosh.
This was Bay-Lakes Council's answer to the National Jamboree for 2010 for anyone that could not make the big event.
The event went on in spite of a "water logged" start with highlights including members of the military showing off their equipment with an Apache helicopter landing.
From there, I ended up taking a break from Commissioner's service and yes, I did, go back to being a Commissioner.
I worked on my scouting articles for The Examiner and had completed my requirements for earning the Speaker's Bank knot, and did several shows for Scouting Radio.
During this time, I was notified, sometime around the National Jamboree event, that I had been inducted into the National Leaders Hall with 299 other scout leaders throughout the country.
 In September, I became friends with Dr. Ole Jacobson, who is the planning chairman for the African Jamboree in 2012 in Winneba, Ghana, and have helped with some of the programming ideas for this upcoming event.
Incidentally, Winneba, is the place where Lord Baden Powell first received any military accommodations while serving in Africa.
I had completed another successful Webelos Woods event that the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary with Shawn Cleary and Bob Hawkins as the chief organizing committee.
I had the good fortune to be able to help raise money for the Jam Rolls and be able to speak with the Honorable Michael Baden Powell (a scouting icon in his own rite) and was even able to stump Colin Walker with a scout trivia question even though it was a BSA slanted question (another scouting person whom I look up to).
Chatting with the one and only Haydn McComas, from Australia, is always a delight and learned many wonderful things about scouting in Papua New Guinea.
What is on the near horizon?
To tell the truth, I am not sure where the scouting trail will lead me next; but I do know that I have been contacted by the scouts from Indonesia and am working on trying to help them with a planned visit to Bay-Lakes Council sometime in 2011-2012.
The Tzofim Caravan may just make another stop in Green Bay for a concert tour and I hope to be there if that should happen.
Summer camp is always in the works and if the date works out, I will be in Decorah again this summer.
There are two Eagle Scout Court of Honors in the near future and I hope to be a witness to those events.
Whatever happens, this new scouting year promises to be great.

Bay-Lakes Council Exec. Mark Logemann presents National Leader's Hall Award to Keith Westergaard

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