Saturday, February 5, 2011

3 Voyageur District Scouters set to receive the Silver Beaver

Sindy DeNamur, Voyageur District's District Commissioner, Forest Kenworthy, and yours truly have been selected as three of nine scouters that will receive the highly coveted Silver Beaver Award- the highest award a council can give to an individual.

Sindy DeNamur is the District Commissioner and has designed and helped create a boy scout themed quilt which will be given away at the Voyageur District's leader recognition dinner and has also served as the Awards Chair for boy scout troop 1002 prior to her current position.

Forest Kenworthy, one of my mentor's, has held several positions as a volunteer within Voyageur District and is responsible for my scouting career as an adult volunteer. Forest has that "can do" spirit which makes you feel that nothing is impossible to overcome and has helped me solve an issue early in my leadership as Cub master which would have made anyone go running off into the night...never to return.
Because of Forest, I am able to help other scouters with help and advice through this blog post, my scouting radio program, and my articles for
Thanks Forest, this award for you is long overdue in my book.

I am the last on the list for this year's award, from Voyageur District, and looking back at my career in scouting it is truly amazing that I have had the good fortune to chat with the Honorable Michael Baden Powell,  Bear Grylls, Colin Walker, Justin Dawson and Simon Lang of Scouting Radio, and work with Haydn McComas, Katheryn Mahns, and Greg Coultis from Australia, just to name a few.
There are others within the district, and you all know who you are, that have had a significant impact upon my life as a Scouter and to each of them I would like to say "thanks and it has been one heck of a ride."

The Silver Beaver will be presented on May 3, 2011, at Liberty Hall, in  Kimberly, Wisconsin.