Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Magnificent Seven: Where are they now?

"THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN," were my second year Webelos Scouts from pack 4094 and these boys were the first scouts from that pack to compete every available award within the Webelos section of the Cub Scout program.
These boys were more than just Scouts.
They were brothers. Comrades in arms. Inseparable.
What one did they all did.

The seven members were:

  Dane Westergaard
  Ben Micolas
  Ethan Collier
  Travis Kunzie
  Zach Buda
  Brandon Basinski
  Eddie Wengrzyn

Dane, served a Denner for 2 years, became a Den Chief and will conclude his scouting career as a Life Scout.
Ben, served as the Assistant Denner for 2 years achieved the rank of First Class Scout and then left the program a few years ago and was last playing soccer in the SAY summer program.
Ethan dropped from the program.
Travis transferred from a Green Bay troop and joined a unit in Kewaunee and became a Den Chief.
Zach recently received his Eagle Rank.
Brandon achieved the rank of First Class Scout and dropped from the program and is going on to the University of Wisconsin.
Eddie relocated to Florida and was with a new unit for a short time before dropping from the program.

Dane, Zach, Ben, and Brandon still get together and although only one of these boys made it to Eagle Scout, I am still proud of their accomplishments.

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