Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scouting makes the world a better place

Since the beginning of the scouting program Scouts have given much of themselves to performing acts of public service without recognition.
That still happens today.
Going back in time when William D. Boyce got lost in that London fog and an unknown scout helped him find his way.
Good deed done.
I have done my share of community service in and out of the uniform...not in the negative way that most people view those that are required to perform community service.
I am proud of that.
For most scouts that live and breathe the Oath and Law, community service is not selective but rather compulsory.
We do it because:
  1. We want to.
  2. We "have to" as it is written into the Scout Promise ..."to help other people at all times," and is the third point in the Scout Law. (and by have to-this is something that becomes ingrained in us if we truly believe in the Scout Law).
I have watched Scouts help "little old ladies cross streets, open doors, carry groceries, shovel sidewalks, mow lawns and other yard work. Scouts have changed flat tires, performed first aid, give directions (many have told me where to go and in the kind way).
I have witnessed Scouts help tutor children couped up in the hospital with their schoolwork and entertain the elderly in nursing and assisted living complexes.
We do this because we want to not because we look for some recognition or reward.
Great Scouts follow the teachings of the "Good Samaritan" and from what Lord Baden Powell also preached to those Scouts 100 years ago.

The other day, I mentioned to one of my co workers that I could not count the number of community service hours I have performed in my lifetime and his attitude and his first comment was, "What kind of trouble did you get yourself into?"
The next response was a very luke warm, "oh," when he found out that I was an Eagle Scout and now a volunteer Scouter.
When did that become a bad thing?
I am proud of my service record in the BSA and have now met several wonderful Scouters around the world and they are just like me.
Will Rogers once said, "There's only one thing wrong with Boy Scouts...there aren't enough of 'em."
Scouting does make the world a better place.

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