Sunday, March 27, 2011

When I was your age...

I have been asked, on more than one occasion, to talk about what Scouting was like when I was young.
...Thats sounds like that I am really old; ancient.
Looking back, I guess that I am old.
Back in April, 1970, almost 41 years ago, I was lucky enough to win a contest, sponsored by Bay-Lakes Council, by writing a paper on scientific research that could be made possible by the astronauts on board any of the Apollo space missions and the winners selected were to be the first to view the moon rocks that would be displayed at the Neville Public Museum.
Back in the day, the Neville was located next to the WBAY building on Jefferson Street.
Back in the day.
I remember walking into the Museum and being greeted by the wooly mastodon exhibit and the beaver exhibit, still at the Neville today, but back in the day there was no snow cave.
I guess ice wasn't invented yet.
Wait a minute, yes it was, as I remember my grandfather taking me to Dehn's Ice Cream on Walnut Street for a hamburger and Coke (with ice) and a "Pig's Dinner" for dessert in celebration prior to seeing the moon rocks.
Now the moon rocks were under glass and I remember that the display was roped off so you couldn't get too close (there was danger of radiation to be considered), although a photographer had us get close to the glass case for a photo op. for the paper.
We were wisked into the area, posed for a 5 sec. photo, and whisked away immediately afterwards.
Exciting stuff although I don't seem too much worse for the ware and I don't glow in the dark.
I even got the metal printing plate that was made from that photo but lost it through the years.
The photos then, that appeared in the paper were etched on metal plates and were put into the press prior to printing the latest edition.
That was my first claim to fame.
The following week, I was on television, at WBAY for the Popeye cartoon show with Col. Caboose.
Remember Colonel Caboose, the Swane Sisters, and Audrey Walters playing the piano?
Six years later, I received my Eagle at Camp Bear Paw.
When I was your age, I remember my father taking me down to Oneida Street to watch President Nixon arrive at Brown County Veteran's Memorial Arena to see President Richard Nixon arrive to honor Bart Starr.
We later drove out to Austin Straubel Airport to see Air Force One.
When I was your age, I was able to watch Elvis Presley fly into Green Bay on the "Lisa Marie."
When I was your age, I got to see the Fokker Tri-Plane and the Sopwith Camel used in the filming of the movie, "The Great Waldo Pepper."
Long before the EAA event ever happened in Oshkosh.
When I was your age, I took my first passenger train ride on one of the last "400's" to Milwaukee, with my grandparents. We rode on bi-level gallery coaches.
When I was your age, we played kick the can, pom pom, red rover, statues, red light-green light, and a couple of times British bulldog.
When I was your age, I received my first digital watch and the watch itself was almost 1/4" thick.
When I was your age, I got to see my first computer at the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation where everything was printed on punch cards and the computer filled an entire room.
When I was your age, I collected 100 milk bottle caps from Hansen's dairy for a free ice cream cone.
When I was your age, I remember going to the Vic Theater for the Fireman's matinee and watching some really old war films.
When I was your age, I remember going to the Valley Drive-in to see Walt Disney double and sometimes triple features.
When I was your age, we would stop at the Mars Drive in restaurant on Military, near the drive-in, for hamburgers that rarely were served to your liking.
Mine always had ketchup, mustard and onions on it.
When I was your age, we often eat at the Blackstone on Main St. to watch the passenger trains come and go while we ate our dinner.
When I was your age, I often ate pie at Holzer's Corner Drug Store on Washington Street with many of the Green Bay Packers that had just come from their team meetings from the Downtowner.
When I was your age, we would always go to the H.C.Prange's store after Thanksgiving dinner to see the animated window displays.
We had no video games.
We had black and white TV, a transistor radio, and a phonograph.
No Walkmans, i-pods, or anything else of that nature.
Blackberries were what you ate in pies.
That's what I remember when I was your age.


  1. Love the nostalgia!
    I needed to know if Holzer's Drug Store had booths and served food! Thank you.

  2. Yes, Holzer's Drug Store had about 15 booths and was accessible from Pine Street and also from the main entrance on Washington.

  3. ...and yes, they did serve food, if memory serves, they had blue plate specials.
    I remember getting a hamburger or two there but for me it was mostly pies.