Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pack 4363 Webelos tackle winds for Naturalist activity pin

Several first and second year Webelos Scouts from Pack 4363, hiked the Cofrin Arboratum trail to learn and complete the requirements for their Naturalist Activity pin and complete some of the requirements for Leave No Trace awards.
Several Scouts helped pick up litter and trash left behind on the trail from previous hikers and learned how trash and things left behind from man can disrupt the balance of nature.

  There is an excellent photo on Facebook that Spirithood has posted showing how the plastic rings of a 6 pack can trap animals and cause physical damage or often times death.

Please remember to properly dispose of trash and litter so we all can enjoy Nature. The wildlife will thank you for it as well as those that follow you too.
In closing I am reminded of a poem that was posted on a sign at the Wisconsin Public Service campground in Sandstone, Wisconsin, which reads:

    Let it never be said
   and said to your shame;
 that all was well here until you came."
Remember Leave NO Trace!

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