Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm back!

I am happy to announce that I am coming back with new posts and will return to Scouting Radio for more shows now that I have finally finished the throat proceedures, although not completely 100%, and have a restored computer that actually has found fit to return to normal Internet operations.
Not being computer friendly, the desktop Gods have smiled and graciously allowed me to return to cyberspace.
For some strange reason, the computer shut down without out any known cause (known to me, that is), I call this the blue screen of death.
We took the thing in for a diagnostic check and the computer guru's couldn't find anything wrong- no worms, viruses, etc.
Everything behaved normally and we finally were able to power up and go, so here we are.
If only the medical doctors could work their magic on me.
At any rate, the first radio show that will air will be Girl Scout troop 4247, from Green Bay, and the scouts will provide the whole enchalada; a informative show about the 100 years or Girl Scouts of America.
Highlighting the show is one scout who has some issues that never really spoke to me but has come out of her shell to announce a couple of items on this show- a major break through and she is now more outgoing than ever before.
Topics will include the history of Girl Scouting and the cooking sale, Juliette Gordon Lowe, who loved to stand on her head at birthday parties, badges, some history on Troop 4247 and much more.
Amber will be coming back to the show to announce strange but true news stories that may or may not have a scouting background.
So stay tuned.
Thanks for waiting.

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