Monday, February 20, 2012

Troop 4247 show on Scouting Radio

Girl Scout Troop 4247 completed their first Internet radio show for Scouting Radio and the five girls reported on a range of topics from Juliet Gordon Lowe, girl scout badges, the history of the Girl Scout cookie sales (Including an original cookie recipe) and activities the troop as completed and what is looming on the near and distant horizon.
 The girls of 4247 were able to listen to the show streaming from the Scouting Radio studios from Dublin, Ireland while enjoying their St. Valentine's Day troop party.
Some of the girls were quite surprised to hear how their voices actually sounded and many were amazed by the show they were able to put together.
Samantha enjoyed reporting and doing the research while sister Tabatha enjoyed choosing music the accompanied the show.
Elizabeth, the troop's more reserved girl scout managed even speak on the show.
Anchoring the broadcast was Scout leader Jean and Jessica who gave a brief summary of what 4247 does.
When asked if the girls would create another show, there was a resounding "yes!" by the entire unit.
This week the unit will visit My Favorite Quilt Shop and create pillows for themselves.
Stay tuned as there might be another impromptu show coming.

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