Friday, April 27, 2012

So long Mr.Green

This was the longest work week of my life. Knowing that one of your co-workers will never be at work again is very difficult to face especially when that person was someone that everyone liked and looked forward to seeing day in and day out.
We received word from management that Mr. Green passed away on Monday and on Tuesday we got word that he didn't pass but was still alive.
On Wednesday word spread slowly through the grapevine that he passed away when he was taken of life support.
B. Green was the type of man that would help anyone at anytime, had the most upbeat attitude toward life and work-even when work seemed impossible to get through.
Now he is gone and going into work seems that much more difficult especially when he leaves a void within the warehouse as big as the Grand Canyon.
B. Green, cared for his co workers and he kept a photograph of my daughter's baby picture on his refrigerator for the past 11 yrs.
Always a smile and always some word of wisdom for everyone that took time to listen.
So long B.Green...and I hope you do "feel the love."

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