Monday, August 27, 2012


To those of you that have read my blog, I wish to thank you for the support and I do apologize for not posting more information on the site but it now is time for reflection on my scouting career...

  • I received my Eagle in '76
  • Served on 3 Cub Pack Committees and also served as Den Leaders, Assistant  and Cubmasters.
  • Served on the District Committee and assisted on the Cub Scout Roundtables.
  • Became Unit Commissioner and Assistant Dist. Commissioner and earned the Distinguished Commissioner's Key and Arrowhead.
  • 1st to receive the International Scouter's knot in Bay-Lakes Council
  • Served as Webelos to Scout Transitions Chair
  • Received honorary Commissioner's Status in Queensland,  Victoria, and New South Wales Australia
  • Worked with the Honorable Michael Baden Powell on raising funds to restore the Jam Roll and Eccles Caravan trailer.
  • Helped scouts in Aruba secure a new container for storage of scout equipment after being destroyed by vandals..
  • Worked with Israeli Scouts, scouts in the U.K and Africa
  • Received the International Catholic Awareness Medal.
  • Received the International Scouting Medallion
  • Received the Baden Powell Award
  • Served on the International Scout Committee for Bay-Lakes Council
  • Serve as host on Scouting Radio
  • Written numerous articles for The Examiner on Scouting
  • Recipient of the Silver Beaver and District Award of Merit
  • Member of the Speaker's Bank for the BSA
  • Inducted into the National Scout Leader's Hall 
  • Most importantly, met some wonderful scout friends who are still a large part of my family 
  • there has been some other achievements that I have done for 300 Scouts and Scouters which I am not at liberty to state but those 300 know.

This post is not meant to toot my horn but to remind me that after 35 yrs. of Scouting, my path has finally come to that fork in the road where I must change direction and it is time for me to leave Scouting behind.
 I truly believe that "once a Scout, always a Scout" holds true and I will always be that Scout but without the politics.
So, I have very little regrets with my Scouting career and am confident that I can now walk away without hesitation.
Until we meet again,

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