Sunday, June 30, 2013

Once a Scout, Always a Scout

I am back in the scouting program once again and as the saying goes, "Once a Scout, always a Scout."
Truth be told, I never really left the program but took some time to shed a few roles as a volunteer.
I am now associated with Boy Scout Troop 1233 in Pulaski, WI, and am helping Scoutmaster Steve and his fine staff build a new scout unit.
The troop is fairly small in size but the Scouts are highly energetic and thrive on earning merit badges, honing their scout craft and camp craft skills to perfection.
The renewed interest in the program came while helping the scouts teach knot tying to the cub pack at a "round robin" training program which included some basic camp cooking demonstrations, fire building , pitching a tent, first aid and other useful "scouting" type information.
Not only were the Scouts excited by the program presented, so were the parents and the other adults attending the event.
...So now I am back and will be posting more stuff which I will hope will be enlightening and entertaining.

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