Monday, November 29, 2010

Scouts...Get a Life...Make Eagle

My son greeted me at the door today and he showed me a letter from a university that was offering a scholarship to scouts that make the rank of Eagle and he asked me if this letter was for real?
I read the letter and verified that this was indeed a letter offering my son a scholarship.
One snag:  My son isn't going to make Eagle by April.
He has other issues to attend to and, in spite of my encouragement to make Eagle, he decided not to pursue the pinnacle of scouting in achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.
OK, fine. Don't become an Eagle.
Don't listen.
Now he receives this letter offering a minimum of $54,000. (14,000 annually) provided that he is an Eagle Scout.
Trouble is, my son is a Life Scout.
Yes, he does have a slim chance of continuing on but time is definitely not on his side at the moment.
This scholarship has literally flown out the window for him and he now has learned what the rank of Eagle Scout can do for those that make that commitment.
There are no limits for and Eagle Scout.
The value of being an Eagle Scout is immeasurable and that steadily increases over time.
 I love my son dearly but this was a lesson that he had to learn for himself.
All of my scout friends that he knows have said the same thing and he just would not take the advice to heart.
So do yourself a favor, earn your Eagle and see what the badge and its meaning can do for you.

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  1. now have a 100% chance of having a the opportunity of pinning an Eagle Scout Badge on your Grandson! Some of the best Scoutmaster's I've met are Life Scouts who as adults understand how valuable earning Eagle Scout is for young men. They dedicate themselves to making sure they encourage all Scouts to achieve Scouting's highest award. And their sons...they are all Eagle Scouts!