Saturday, April 16, 2011

Remember when

The other night, I caught the tail end of our District's round table meeting and one of the Scouters brought up the old Patrol trek carts that scouts used many years ago to haul their camp equipment when the boys hiked to camp.
This was back in the day when most scout troops could walk out the back door of their meeting place and hike to wherever it was they wanted to camp.
Those days are gone but the trek carts seem to be coming back into least with the old timers.
Samoset Council has a one day event where scouts build a covered wagon to pull around from site to site and these wagons contained everything the patrol would need to complete various activities throughout the day.
Remember those carts?

I remember the copper Bobcat pins we received for our first award in Cub Scouts and I remember when you were hoisted upside down and the badge was pinned upon you and you were not allowed to right the pin until you did a good deed.

I remember the old red and black patrol patches made from flannel or felt material.

I remember going to the old White Store in Green Bay to get my scouting uniform and how the store used pneumatic tubes to make change when purchases were made.

I remember when the office positions Scouts held within the troop were patches with the bars upon them and no text embroidered upon them indicating what the position was.

I remember when Scouts received patches with either 1 or 2 white stars on a light blue background and the old recruiter patch.

I remember the old Scout-o-Ramas which were held at the Arena.

I remember when the belt loop awards were a part of the Boy Scout program and not for the Cubs.

I remember my first encounter with a wild you?

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